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September 17, 2019

Bicycle Accidents Happen in Fewer Trips Taken

In 2016, the amount of deaths among bicycle riders in overall crash statistics stayed about the same as, once again, about 2 percent of those who died on the roads that year were on a bicycle. The overwhelming majority of those riders was at least 20 years old.

But there is some disturbing news about riding a bicycle –  the 2 percent of those killed in vehicular crashes were on bikes even though only one percent of all trips taken on the roads last year involved bicycles. So being on a bike is still not very safe as long as people continue to hit them with their cars.

Bike Accidents and Their Causes

Not every bike accident leads to a fatality, but the injuries sustained are due to the same causes. A car hitting a bike rider causes 29 percent of the injuries the riders suffer. Falling on their own is responsible for 17 percent of the injuries suffered. Avoiding a dog was cited in a few and the road or walkway not being in good repair contributed to another 13 percent of the injuries. So in quite a few examples, the injuries could have been avoided if those around the bike rider took better care of their responsibilities.

Dog owners should not allow their animal loose to be avoided by bike riders or bite the rider. Also, there are some parts of our Houston streets and sidewalks that businesses are responsible for to assure proper safety for those walking or riding along it. Nonetheless, distracted or impaired drivers are still the most dangerous cause of injuries and fatalities to bicyclists and they should be punished for their mistakes.

If you are a bike rider and have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should be compensated. The Lassiter Law Firm will be on your side and find out all the factors that contributed to your injuries and make the person responsible give you compensation for them.



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