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October 8, 2019

Drunk Driver Accidents Causing More Fatalities in Texas

The state of Texas saw a small reduction in fatalities related to drunk driver accidents last year compared to the year before, but the latest statistics show that fatalities increased by  33 lives. That isn’t all the bad news either. In another count, the number of fatal crashes involving repeat offenders was 31 % for those with a blood alcohol content of .08 to .14 and those with a BAC of .15 plus was 68.5%. That’s one of the many problems with the drunk driver – the repeat offenders continuing to get behind the wheel and many times not only taking their own life but also someone else’s.

The Cost of Being Hit by a Repeat Offender

The loss of a driving license doesn’t seem to deter the majority of those repeat offenders either. Many of these people have lost their jobs and their family due to drinking, so what’s a license compared to that? Even after being behind bars, the repeat offender continues to break this law when they get out.

Then with no license, no insurance, and many times no assets; they take to the road and get into an accident. Their problem has already cost them everything, but that ends up being unfair to a person injured by this repeat offender.

The personal injury attorney is the last hope for those who have been devastated by this continuing problem in our society and there still can be a way in the state of Texas to get justice for someone that has been harmed or lost a loved one because of a drunk driver with no assets or insurance.

An investigation into the circumstances leading up to the accident may show the victim was hit by someone who was served at a house party or drinking establishment. In these cases, the server could be held liable for not worrying that the guest or patron was a safety hazard on the road. Contact the Lassiter Law Firm if you have been injured or had your family devastated by the loss of a loved one due to a drunk driver accident in Houston and surrounding areas.



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