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October 22, 2019

Industrial Accidents Can Be Large or Small in Scope

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society defines an industrial accident as a danger originating from a technological or industrial accident, dangerous procedures, infrastructure failures, or certain human activities that cause the loss of life or injury, property damage, social and economic disruption, or environmental degradation.

That covers a lot of ground and makes industrial accidents sound like there must be a big incident such a train derailment carrying a load of tanker cars filled with chemicals or an explosion leveling an entire plant.  But there are any number of incidents that happen every day much smaller in scope in Houston that still qualify as an industrial accident.

Industrial Accidents and the Everyday Worker

One person can actually be felled by an industrial accident. Look at the definition – the person may be harmed by a technological problem. A safety net may not be properly hung by a scaffold. The scaffold falls and the net fails resulting in an industrial accident. A chemical spill in a plant – it could be one barrel – but it still harms the individual if it is a toxic chemical and it degrades the surrounding environment.

Then there is the mention of certain human activities. A fellow employee can cause an accident leaving him unscathed but others injured. And when a worker is harmed seriously, there is also an economic disruption to that person’s life. Even if worker compensation covers the medical bills and there is replacement pay, sometimes that pay is limited by a maximum payment allowed by state law.

In any industrial accident whether the worker is covered by workers compensation or not, an attorney must be contacted to be sure everything is being done to return you to your job at your full capacity. Contact the Lassiter Law firm if you have been injured in an industrial accident in Houston big or small. We have the experience you need dealing with many industries and are aware of what procedures may have been violated that caused this injury and we can get you compensation.



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