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November 12, 2019

Accident Injury Lawsuits Can Be Concerned with Strict Liability

When an accident happens, it sometimes can go under the heading of “well some things can’t be helped”. That is not always the case, of course, and one area that has grown in accident injury lawsuits in Houston are those involving defective products. These are products that have not been properly designed to protect those who use the product exactly as instructed. These cases are taken by Accident Injury Attorneys and they will seek damages by proving the designers’ or manufacturers’ strict liability in creating or producing an unsafe product.

Negligence in an Accident Involving a Defective Product Isn’t Necessary in this Case

When a product is used as it was intended according to the instructions the manufacturer includes with it and an injury occurs, negligence does not need to be proven by the accident injury attorney. The fact that it did not perform as advertised due to an improper design or manufacturing defect is what the accident injury attorney will want to prove. There have been many instances of this kind of poor design leading to injuries – sometimes many before a recall is ordered. In these cases, the liability was found to be squarely on the manufacturer.

Another area besides products improperly manufactured causing physical injuries may be an accident caused by someone using a prescription drug not properly designed. It may have a side effect that could lead to an auto accident, trip and fall, or even fatalities such as the ones reported due to the drug Posicor and its interactions with antihistamines and antibiotics.  An injury or fatality in such cases have been compensated for without any negligence being found. The manufacturer has a duty to produce a safe product and thus can be held strictly liable in these cases.

The Houston accidents injury attorneys at the Lassiter Law Firm have won cases in both strict liability lawsuits and those that involve negligence of a person or company not performing up to the accepted standards. If you or a family member have suffered an injury due to any accident consult with us and we will take steps to gain justice for you.



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