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November 26, 2019

Amazon Recalls Power Bank Product Due to Burn Injury Risk

The lithium-ion battery is once again involved in a product recall. This time, Amazon that sells a portable lithium-ion battery charger/power bank has issued a recall for six versions of their AmazonBasics product due to overheating in 53 cases and chemical burns in one case due to contact by the victim with battery acid that leaked from the product.

In a related recall, a portable bank charging station that uses lithium-ion batteries to recharge products when electricity isn’t available called the Digi-power grab is also being recalled. It is manufactured by Mizco International and sold exclusively by the Container Store. The stations have melted a total of five times with no burn injuries reported.

Burn Injuries Are Becoming More Common in the Electronics Era

Burn injuries that lead to a visit to a burn center occur most often due to fire and flames, and the second most common burn injury is due to scalding injuries due to hot liquids or moist heat. Chemical burns such as the ones caused by these lithium-ion battery news items are a part of the three percent of yearly cases listed by the American Burn Association. The scary part is that many of the fatalities from burns continue to be from fires in the home according to the CDC and that is where many of these charging stations for phones and all other portable items are used.

The manufacturers of these items have done what’s expected in these two cases mentioned above, but the message seems clear that the product may not have been designed properly or manufactured properly and that led to the recall.

The Houston burn injury attorneys at The Lassiter Law Firm have brought product liability lawsuits similar to ones that could have become filed if these defective products had caused more harm. If a similar product has harmed you or a family member, we can help.



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