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January 7, 2020

The Chances of Getting Involved in a Dog Bite Accident

Dog bite accidents are fairly common to say the least. The CDC estimates the number bites per year at about 4.5 million a year. That may be too low as these statistics are based on people going to the hospital for medical care for bites which is 900,000 people in a given year. Since many do not seek help at the ER, it’s possible that the number is closer to 5 million. In Texas, State Farm Insurance records for dog bite claims in 2016 totaled 165 and the average claim came to a cost of $33,253 each to the company.

Proving Liability in a Dog Bite Claim

Many states including Texas has what is known as the one bite law when it comes to who can be liable in a dog bite accident. That means that the owner should be aware that the dog can be vicious after they observe one bite that shows the animal may not be trustworthy. There are other ways to be liable for these attacks including not using a leash or allowing the dog to get free from their premises by negligence.

Another element in the case can be the kind of dog. Some breeds are known to be more prone to biting and insurance companies such as State Farm have a list of dogs that they use to turn down a homeowner for insurance to avoid a liability claim in the future.

Those who have been turned down are therefore aware of the dog’s propensity for biting and should use extra precaution. Proper training should be followed not matter what the breed and if there has not been any training this can be brought out in a court of law during a dog bite accident lawsuit.

The Lassiter Firm has handled many dog bite cases proving that poor care being taken by the owner of a vicious dog has caused pain and suffering for their clients. If you or a family member has been bitten the injuries can be compensated for in Houston by contacting the firm and discussing your case with us.



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