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February 25, 2020

The Wrongful Death Lawsuit and the Law in the State of Texas

Section 71.002 in the Civil Practice and Remedies Code states that a cause of action for actual damages arising from an injury that causes an individual’s death may be brought if liability exists under this section. That is the basis that a wrongful death lawsuit attorney in Houston uses for their process in taking action against the person, persons, or entity that has done something to cut short the life of an innocent person. The way to prove the liability comes under scrutiny during the case and the wrongful death legal team has to take care that all evidence available has been found and brought to court’s attention during their presentation.

Proving Liability According to the Civil Code

The team must prove that the individual being sued or his agents had committed a wrongful act or was careless in execution of their duty putting the safety of another in jeopardy. A proprietor of an establishment that caused this death and their employees’ actions will also come under scrutiny in some of these cases.

For instance, the owner of a restaurant will be held accountable if the restaurant used poorly refrigerated food that poisons someone or his employees left the premises in a way that led to a trip and fall and caused a head injury resulting in the wrongful death. Employing a poor driver who caused an accident may be a reasonable enough proof of a business owner’s liability is another example of cause for this type of case to be heard.

Those corporations that knowingly rushed a dangerous product that led to an untimely death will also be the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit. The examples are many but the law is intended to make sure the proof is airtight if the case is to be successfully concluded.

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