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June 22, 2020

What Is an IVC Filter?

An inferior vena cava or IVC filter is a small device made of metal that is designed to prevent a blood clot from traveling from the lower body to the lungs, which can be responsible for causing a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that can be fatal, because it can cause deoxygenation of the blood and damage to the lungs. However, an IVC filter can also be dangerous, and can cause a number of serious complications. If you’ve been injured by an IVC filter, you would be wise to consult with an IVC filter injury attorney in Texas.

Risks of an IVC Filter

When doctors insert an IVC filter in a patient, they must weigh the potential benefits versus the possible risks and adverse side effect of using this device. Usually, IVC filters are usually inserted in patients who have had repeated episodes of blood clots in the lower extremities, or are used in patients who have not responded to treatment with anticoagulant drugs. Although the IVC filter may prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs, it may also cause an infection at the insertion site, a pneumothorax, collapsed lung, or it could drift out of position, blocking the flow in the vein.

Why Lawsuits are Filed        

Patients who have IVC filters who develop complications usually file lawsuits, when they believe that device manufacturers fail to warn them or their doctors of known risks. They also sue when the IVC has a manufacturing or design defect, or when the manufacturing company is somehow negligent and does not make the proper notifications when it is aware that a device is risky. Whether or not someone is eligible to file a lawsuit against an IVC manufacturing company depends upon the cost of treating the complications that arose as a result of having the device, and the amount of damage done by it.

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