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July 28, 2021

Mirena IUD Lawsuits 2021 Updates

The Mirena IUD is a hormone-eluting intrauterine device that is inserted into the uterus and that releases a type of progestin called Levonorgestrel. It can prevent pregnancy for up to six years. It is manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Company and has been associated with a number of class-action lawsuits due to complications that are related to it. Although Bayer offered a settlement of $12.2 million to plaintiffs in 2018, there are still three groups of individual lawsuits in 2021 that have not yet been settled. Two of these are in New York and one is in New Jersey. If you have suffered an injury from using a Mirena IUD, you would benefit by consulting with a Houston personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case.

Pseudotumor Cerebri Injury

Pseudotumor cerebri, also called idiopathic intracranial hypertension, is a condition that is caused by elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the brain. The symptoms of this condition are similar to those of a brain tumor, but there is no tumor. There can be blurred vision, dizziness, headache or similar symptoms and with time, there may even be vision loss. Pseudotumor cerebri can be caused by the Levonorgestrel that is released, or given off, by the Mirena IUD. Some plaintiffs claim that Bayer failed to test the Mirena adequately before and after putting it on the market and also that they did not warn women about the possible dangers of the Levonorgestrel hormone, which is stronger than other types of birth control hormones.

Organ Perforation

Plaintiffs in Mirena lawsuits related to organ perforation claim that the Mirena IUD migrated outside of the uterus and entered the fallopian tubes or other nearby structures or actually perforated the uterus itself. This meant that the device had to be surgically removed, sometimes causing pain and suffering, infection, or even sterility. One plaintiff who was using the device became pregnant and then had a miscarriage. Many plaintiffs claimed that the Mirena was advertised to be “convenient and safe” and that the public was not warned of these possible complications.

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