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Holding the Trucking Company Accountable: $650,000 Settlement for Injured Plant Worker

Introduction: This case study highlights the story of a 55-year-old plant worker who was severely injured in a trucking accident. Despite the truck driver accepting responsibility for the accident at the scene, the trucking company denied responsibility for more than eight years. The team at Lassiter Law fought tirelessly for their client’s rights and secured a $650,000 settlement just two days before the trial was set to begin.

Case Background: The victim had just finished her shift at the plant and was waiting at a stop sign when an eighteen-wheeler collided with her. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital and underwent spine surgery due to the severity of her injuries. The victim’s injuries forced her to retire early from her job, which was near her full pension eligibility.

The truck driver initially accepted responsibility for the accident at the scene, claiming that his brakes had failed. However, during his deposition, the truck driver changed his story and claimed that the brake failure was due to an equipment malfunction that he had no control over and could not have foreseen. The trucking company denied responsibility for their driver’s actions for more than eight years, making unsatisfactory settlement offers that did not come close to fairly compensating the victim for her damages.

Outcome: The team at Lassiter Law prepared the case for trial and secured testimony from various witnesses, including the investigating police officer, former co-workers of the victim, and the surgeon who performed the victim’s spine surgery. After eight years of fighting for their client’s rights, the trucking company finally recognized the potential risk and paid a $650,000 settlement, just two days before the trial was set to begin.

Conclusion: The $650,000 settlement in this case was a testament to the team at Lassiter Law’s unwavering dedication to their client’s cause. Despite the trucking company’s denial of responsibility for eight years and unsatisfactory settlement offers, the team continued to fight tirelessly for their client’s rights. The settlement obtained would assist the victim in covering her medical expenses, loss of income, and other damages resulting from the accident. This case highlights the importance of perseverance and commitment in personal injury cases, where justice may not come quickly but can eventually be achieved with the right approach.



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