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Houston Truck Accident Attorney

Houston Truck Accident Attorney

Are you searching for a Houston truck accident attorney? James Lassiter at Lassiter Law Firm is a leading accident lawyer with several years of experience and numerous positive reviews. While you focus on recovering from injuries and emotional trauma, we focus on building an impenetrable case to help you get the maximum compensation.

How to determine an at-fault party in a trucking accident?

To recover compensation for a truck accident, you must establish liability by identifying every individual, entity, or government official responsible for causing the collision. Naming all of the parties in your claim is critical to recovering the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. While you may think that the driver is the defendant and the only responsible party in a truck collision, that is not always the case.

In trucking accidents, several parties may become legally responsible for your losses and injuries. Additional defendants in your accident claim could include the trucking company, the trailer manufacturers, the company manufacturing the cargo-hauling equipment, etc. Make sure to hire an attorney to determine all the at-fault parties in the case.

When to hire a truck accident lawyer?

You must hire a Houston truck accident attorney as soon as possible so that your lawyer can focus on building a solid case for you today. Besides, the sooner you get started on your claims process, the earlier you can recover your compensation.

Sometimes the medical expenses can get out of hand, preventing you from receiving the best care. Contact an attorney immediately after your accident for guidance and tips on how to proceed with your claim.

Three things not to do after a truck accident

It is never easy to deal with the aftermath of a trucking accident. However, it is critical that you exercise caution and refrain from making common mistakes that could negatively affect your payout in a car accident case. Here are three things to avoid after a trucking accident:

  1. Not calling the police

Call the police immediately after a trucking accident to file a report. Your police report can make a big difference later in the case as it creates a record of what happened in that day. It also acts as impartial evidence and can protect you from the tricks played by insurance companies to minimize fault on their end.

  1. Not documenting the accident scene or injuries

If you can, you should try and take as many photos of the vehicles involved in the accident and your injuries. Document all medical bills and doctor reports illustrating the severity of your injuries.

  1. Choosing to handle your case on your own

Getting into personal injury litigation without prior experience or in-depth knowledge can turn ugly fast. Hiring a professional to handle your claim can ensure that you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

At Lassiter Law Firm, we can help you recover your rightful compensation from the defendant's insurer without unnecessary delays. Schedule your free consultation with our leading Houston truck accident attorney by reaching us at 713-521-0104.

Houston Truck Accident Attorney

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