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    Family Lawyer Coral Springs

    Family Lawyer Coral Springs

    With several years of experience and exceptional communication skills, Scott J. Brook is a preeminent family lawyer in Coral Springs. His areas of specialization include family law, divorce, child support, domestic violence, and paternity disputes.

    Questions to ask before hiring a divorce lawyer

    Before hiring a lawyer, question the attorney on his/her area of expertise. You want to work with someone that specializes in handling divorce cases. Besides, make sure to question your attorney on his/her years of experience in practicing family law and the number of family law cases that they have handled in their career.

    Furthermore, be sure to inquire if the attorney is a "certified family law specialist". Also, do not forget to pick the attorney's brain on what strategy he/she has in store for your case, and how much time the attorney plans on taking to resolve your case.

    Who will get the house in a Florida divorce?

    In the state of Florida, a judge won't order a couple to split a marital home. Nevertheless, a judge may award the house to one of the spouses, provided that he/she compensates the other spouse in an equal share of assets/property/cash.

    Also, the judge may order the couple to sell the home, after which they can divide the proceeds equally or in an agreed proportion. In rare cases, a judge may also allow one of the spouses to live in a marital home temporarily if that seems like a fair resolution.

    What if we settle everything before going to court?

    If you settle the details with your spouse before taking your divorce case to court, make sure to hire an attorney to help you draw up an agreement. Your divorce agreement can act as a binding contract, and upon signing it, both you and your partner must follow its terms. Depending on your state's laws, you can submit your agreement to a judge who will review it to make sure that the terms are fair.

    The terms in a divorce agreement become a part of your final divorce decree, and it can turn into a binding court order. You can suffer 'in contempt of court' charges if one of the parties involved in a divorce violates the terms of the order. However, if you and your spouse can't agree, you'll have to approach a court with your case, and the judge will resolve the issues for you. When you take your case to court, you or your partner have no control over the outcome, and legal proceedings can be quite expensive. Our Family Lawyer in Coral Springs is a skilled expert in helping his clients reach an agreement outside of court and thereby helps them save hundreds of dollars in expensive lawsuits.

    Visit or call (954) 757-5551 to schedule a consultation with Scott J. Brook, the #1 family lawyer in Coral Springs. Scott is a skilled expert in resolving family law matters, and he helps his clients receive a favorable outcome in the shortest time.

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