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Liability Insurance Attorney Boca Raton

Liability Insurance Attorney Boca Raton

Before you hire a liability insurance attorney in Boca Raton, spend some time on the phone with one of our attorneys from Your Injury Law Group to find out how we can help with your claim. You may not know that business and home owners have a duty to maintain their property to ensure visitors aren’t injured as a result of a slip and fall or any other type of injury. If you’ve been hurt through the negligence of a home or business owner, get in touch with our legal team today by calling our 24-hour helpline.

5 Types of Liability Accidents You Need a Lawyer For

1. Have you taken a fall due to loose carpeting, broken concrete, debris, or rubble inside or outside of a business? You have a right to be protected from all of these dangerous conditions, and if you’ve been injured, the company responsible can be made to pay for your medical bills. It’s important that you report your injury to the business and seek medical attention as soon as possible to record your injuries as proof of the incident. Your next step is to call our law office at 866-YIL-GROUP.

2. Poorly maintained stairs and railings can lead to injuries that result in broken bones, scrapes, concussion, spinal cord injuries, and lacerations. If your injury was related to improperly maintained stairs, steps, and/or railings, we want to discuss your case with you over the phone; feel free to contact Your Injury Law Group, day or night, to tell us your story.

3. Businesses that violate building codes can be held accountable for all types of injuries. If you’ve entered an older building that was open for business and sustained an injury due to faulty flooring, broken glass, or any type of structural integrity issue, get in touch with a liability insurance attorney in Boca Raton from Your Injury law Group right now. Time is of the essence when holding a business owner accountable for failing up to keep up to code.

4. Slippery conditions due to mopping can lead to severe injuries due to the injured party landing on their back or overextending muscles and ligaments. When an employee fails to provide a visual warning to customers that their floors are being mopped or that floors are wet, they’re liable for your injuries. Never speak with their insurance company or try to negotiate a settlement on your own- our lawyers are experienced in such things and can make sure you get restitution that you deserve.

5. Electrical injuries at work can leave you afraid to return to work until the problem is resolved. If you’ve been electrocuted and have sustained injuries as a result, reach out to our lawyers through our 24-hour helpline now to let us know more about your injury.

Don’t settle for a second-rate liability insurance attorney in Boca Raton- hire the best lawyers in Florida to represent your case in court. Call Your Injury Law Group today to find out more about your rights under Florida law.

Liability Insurance Attorney Boca Raton

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