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Overcoming Family Estrangement: A Case Study of a $900,000.00 Verdict in a Fatal Injury Case

Introduction: This case study describes the representation of an adult daughter who hired the Lassiter Law team after her father, an environmental waste clean-up crewman, was fatally injured when a large slab collapsed on him while he was working inside of a natural gas processing vessel. Despite attempts by the defendant to argue that the daughter was estranged from her father and did not deserve significant compensation, the plaintiff’s attorneys demonstrated a strong family bond and secured a $900,000.00 verdict for the client.

Background: The victim divorced the client’s mother when the client was just five years old, moved out of state, and started a new family. The defendant attempted to use the distance and lack of financial support as evidence that the daughter was estranged from her father and did not deserve significant compensation for her loss.

Legal Strategy: The plaintiff’s legal team used witness testimony, photographs, cards, and letters exchanged between the father and daughter to demonstrate a strong family bond that persisted despite the distance and divorce. They also showed that the daughter had plans to follow in her father’s footsteps and start a small business together, indicating a close relationship that the defendant had attempted to dismiss.

Outcome: After deliberations, the jury returned with a verdict of $900,000.00, comprised entirely of non-economic damages, for the client. The plaintiff’s attorneys overcame the defendant’s attempts to downplay the significance of the daughter’s relationship with her father and secure significant compensation for her loss.

Conclusion: The case study illustrates the importance of demonstrating family bonds and relationships in personal injury cases, particularly when the defendant attempts to argue estrangement. In this case, the Lassiter attorneys were able to use evidence of a strong relationship between the victim and his daughter to secure a $900,000.00 verdict for the client.



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