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Aggressive legal representation for seriously injured in truck accidents

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    When passenger cars and 18-wheeler trucks collide, there is no question that significant injuries or even death can result. Though the 18 wheeler driver may sustain some injuries, it is much more likely that the passengers in the car will bear the full brunt of the crash. As a Houston Personal Injury Attorney I understand the trauma 18 wheeler accident victims and their families experience. We have no doubt that you deserve full compensation for your pain and suffering.

    Careful examination of records after a large truck accident often shows serious and even fraudulent violations of those safety regulations. However, trucking companies are only required to maintain many of those records for six months. Without obtaining those records before they are destroyed, the injured person or survivors of a person killed in a truck accident has a much more difficult time proving the trucking company’s negligence.


    Aggressive legal representation for seriously injured in 18 wheeler accidents


    Since 1993 when we first opened the doors of our law practice, Lassiter Law Firm has handled some of the largest personal injury cases for plaintiffs in the state of Texas – and won. With our experience, we aren’t afraid to stand up to large corporations and insurance companies in court.


    Victims of tragic and life-altering accidents are suffering – physically, emotionally, and financially. We take the financial burden off victims by working on a contingency fee. This means that you do not pay unless/until we secure a financial recovery for you. You focus on healing. We’ll take care of the rest.


    Over the last twenty plus years The Lassiter Law Firm has helped thousands of clients injured due to not fault of their own seek proper compensation for injuries sustained during an accident. The experienced legal team of James Lassiter and Timothy McHale offer Free Consultations, plus home and hospital visits seven days a week.

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