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IUD Birth Control Injuries in Houston, TX

An IUD, or intrauterine device, is a common method of birth control used by women in the United States. It is a very effective method of preventing pregnancy, and it can remain in place for years inside of a woman, after it has been medically implanted.  When it is removed after that medical procedure, the woman is still able to get pregnant. The IUD is a small, T-shaped device, it is implanted in the uterus, where it then prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg. Not all women can have an IUD inserted, but for those who can, it is a convenient way of preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

IUDs are so effective that, when they are used, the chances of becoming pregnant are less than one percent. Some IUDs release small amounts of the hormone, progestin, or levonorgestrel, into the body. An IUD can be inserted in one doctor’s office visit, and although there is some discomfort, this feeling of irritation usually goes away quickly. However, IUDs can sometimes result in complications. If you have been injured by an IUD, it’s important to learn when you need an IUD birth control injury attorney.

Mirena IUD

One type of IUD that has been shown to have many complications is the Mirena IUD. This IUD releases a small, controlled amount of the hormone, levonorgestrel. It can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant for five years. It has been estimated that there are about 150 million women all over the world who are using the Mirena IUD.

Although the Mirena IUD is effective in preventing pregnancy, unfortunately, many complications have been reported, and some of them are quite serious. The Mirena IUD has had complications that are similar to those that occur with other types of IUDs, but in addition, one was reported that is very serious. This is pseudotumor cerebri, which is a condition characterized by pressure in the skull from a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. This condition can cause brain damage and even blindness in the patient using this device.

Common Risks of an IUD

Besides the Mirena, all IUDs do carry some risks. The most serious risk that IUDs have is generally perforation of the uterus, which is a medical emergency. IUDs can also cause infection or pelvic inflammatory disease. They can migrate to other areas or can break apart, or they can come out of the woman unintendedly. They can cause an ectopic pregnancy, or pregnancy in the fallopian tubes, to occur, or they can cause abnormal or heavy vaginal bleeding in women using this device.

IUDs that release hormones can cause nausea or weight gain. After the removal of an IUD that releases hormones, many women experience a sort of “crash” from the sudden cessation of the hormone release, which may lead to depression and other symptoms. Allergic or hypersensitivity reactions may also occur in some women using this device.

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If you’ve been injured by an IUD, call to schedule a free consultation with an IUD birth control injury attorney today. The large drug companies that market IUDs sometimes downplay the risks involved with these devices or the symptoms, side effects and injuries that they may cause. We are interested in talking to you if you have any issues with using an IUD, because we are able to perform a high level of research on your case to hold the companies responsible for your losses in these cases. The expert legal professionals at the Lassiter Law Firm will work hard to defend your rights and win you the compensation you deserve. We serve the Houston, Texas area and can be reached at 713-521-0104. Give us a call and let us give you legal guidance you can rely on.



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