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Hernia Mesh Injuries in Houston, TX

Hernias occur when an intestine or an organ protrudes through a weak area of surrounding connective tissue. The most common types of hernias are found in the abdominal wall, but they can also occur elsewhere on the body. Hernias tend to get worse or to recur often, and the most effective treatment option is usually surgery to repair and correct this condition. Even after surgery, a hernia may recur in the patient at a later date.

To make a hernia surgery more effective, surgeons sometimes use a surgical mesh to provide additional support to the damaged or weakened area as it heals. This mesh can be made of synthetic fibers or of tissue from animals. Hernia meshes are often designed to keep the herniated area stable while new tissue grows. However, there can be complications that arise from the use of the surgical mesh itself. This can cause infection, pain, or other complications for the patients, that lead to added expense and time off work. That’s why it’s important to understand how a Texas hernia mesh injury lawyer can help you get compensation in these types of cases.

Complications from Hernia Mesh

While hernia mesh is often a beneficial application in many surgical settings, some models of hernia mesh have been known to cause a variety of complications. Some of these include intestinal fistulas, mesh failure, organ perforation, bowel obstruction, pain, and allergic reactions. Any of these can become serious or even life-threatening, especially in the case of an organ perforation. Some patients develop chronic, disabling pain and need another surgery to correct a condition experienced after the mess is applied the first time. Although this is not common knowledge, the FDA does not always require clinical trials to put a mesh product on the market, if it is similar to a previously marketed product. Some of these untested mesh products have since been recalled after causing complications.

Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Injury

Patients will usually experience symptoms when a hernia mesh is defective or is malfunctioning. These can include fever or chills, abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, and swelling or fluid buildup at the surgical site. If a patient experience these, s/he needs to contact the surgeon or go to an emergency room. Severe pain or high fever can mean the perforation of an organ, which can lead to sepsis or even death.

After experiencing a complication from hernia mesh, expensive medical treatment is often needed. Patients may need to take weeks or even months off work, going without a paycheck. This is why hiring an experienced hernia mesh injury lawyer is so important. An expert hernia mesh lawyer can help you win badly needed compensation so you can have time to heal.

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