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April 16, 2019

What Can Be Recovered in a Houston Rollover Accident Lawsuit?

Rollover accidents are, unfortunately, prevalent in and around Houston, Texas. Our team of Houston rollover accidents attorneys understands the complexities of handling product liability lawsuits like these, as well as all laws pertaining to accidents in the state of Texas, which we can in all legal proceedings. We have experience working with insurance companies and pursuing product liability claims against car manufacturers when needed.

What Can I Expect for a Settlement in a Rollover Accident Lawsuit?

At Lassiter Law, we offer aggressive legal representation for injuries sustained from rollover accidents. As with any other car accident, when you’ve been injured, you need experience by your side. Our car accident attorney has the resources necessary to handle your insurance claim for you while you take the necessary time to recover from your injuries.

What Type of Lawyer Represents Rollover Accident Cases?

A product liability lawyer from Lassiter Law can handle cases like this. Ultimately, product liability cases are complex, requiring a thorough investigation and testimony of experts to win. Our job is to prove that the vehicle design was responsible for the rollover accident. To do that, we will use our experience to investigate your accident and bring in the experts needed to get you the fair settlement you deserve.

What Can I Recover in a Product Liability Claim?

In product liability claims, you can recover damages to your vehicle as well as medical costs, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages or earnings potential, and pain and suffering, to name a few. Our car accident attorneys can sit with you during a free legal consultation, where we can learn more about your accident and provide more insight into what we can pursue for you in terms of compensation. To schedule this important consultation with our legal team, call our law office at (713) 489-1580 today.



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