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October 1, 2019

Struck-By Construction Accidents

A busy construction site is unfortunately one of the most dangerous places for an employee. Many injuries are reported every year to OSHA concerning highway worker struck by accidents. These are so prevalent that April 9 to 13th is designated as National Highway Work Zone Awareness Week.

The purpose is to bring workers attention to the dangers that they face each day while working on highways and streets throughout America. These accidents are caused by situations that come under the much broader heading of Struck-by Hazards and, sadly, there are many examples of things that can harm or kill a worker when they are hit in this kind of construction accident in Houston.

OSHA’s List of Struck-by Hazards

Vehicles: Besides motor vehicles on the road; construction vehicles like dump trucks, backend loaders, and bulldozers if not properly driven or maintained may pin or bury and unsuspecting worker either by not having a working back up warning or negligent maintenance on brakes and steering.

Falling Objects: Work on high rise apartments or even a two story home may be hazardous when someone or some piece of equipment releases an object that falls and hits a worker in the head or body. These injuries are usually serious and there have been wrongful deaths caused by these hazards many times.

Masonry Walls: Masonry wall construction requires heavy load bearing equipment to be done correctly and the wrong use of equipment can lead to a collapse on unsuspecting workers.

With all the construction and road work being done every day in the city of Houston, the Lassiter Law Firm has had many clients needing their help to gain an explanation of what really happened when a loved one has been injured or killed at a construction site. If you or a family member have suffered from one of these unfortunate accidents, contact our experienced law team and let our experience work for you and bring about the real story of who is at fault and gain the just compensation you deserve.



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