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October 15, 2019

Explosion Accidents in Texas Leave Questions Unanswered

The March 15, 2018 explosion accident in a chemical plant owned by Tri-Chem Industries near Ft. Worth has not had much new information reported possibly due to recent policies adopted about informing the public in cases such as this. In an article about the explosion published by the Associated Press and Houston Public Media that day, the lack of information given out by state agencies about chemicals stored in such facilities was mentioned.

The fertilizer plant explosion in the city of West, Texas in 2013 was referenced in the article. At that time the state Attorney General and now Texas governor Greg Abbott ruled that state agencies withholding information about the hazardous chemicals being stored at these kinds of facilities was not wrong due to “ongoing terrorist activity”.

What Can Be Done When an Explosion Happens in a Chemical Plant?

That may make it harder for reporters to file a story but there are others involved in these explosion accidents that do deserve some information, especially as there were two injuries and a missing person in this case. One man who was injured seriously was said to have been dragging his foot along the floor when he caught fire from the waist up.

What caused this combustion can be found out and if the company is found to have done something negligent or they violated provisions of the Safe Chemicals Act,  the family of the injured parties or those who suffered a wrongful death will have cause to institute a lawsuit against this company.

If you or a family member has been injured in an explosion accident similar to this one you should contact the Lassiter Law Firm in Houston. The explosion accident team will be there for you and get down to the cause and obtain just compensation for the pain and emotional suffering you and your family have gone through.



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