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October 29, 2019

A Motor Cycle Accident Attorney Is Experienced in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The joy of the open road is one of the many reasons that there are so many motorcycle riders in the state of Texas. These vehicles truly give the rider a real experience that isn’t matched by any other motor vehicle. Sadly, though the motorcycle gives you the real feel for the road, it does not offer as much protection to the rider as an automobile.

That can become a problem, especially if a distracted or impaired driver doesn’t see the motorcycle and collides with it. That is when a motor cycle accident attorney needs to be contacted by the rider or in some cases their family due to the rider’s wrongful death.

The Help a Motor Cycle Accident Attorney Can Provide

The injuries or wrongful deaths that occur during these accidents many times could have been prevented if the driver of the colliding vehicle had taken more care to see if there was a vehicle next to them. A car will hit the horn and be more easily seen. The motorcycle is smaller but that doesn’t forgive the driver that swerves in front of them due to using the phone or changing radio stations, or driving while intoxicated. These accidents are investigated thoroughly by the motor cycle accident attorney’s team of experts and evidence of any unlawful driving will be presented during the trial.

As far as a wrongful death action, the state of Texas had  497 fatalities reported in 2016 in accidents involving motorcycles. Another accident that year involving a police motorcycle also had a fatality reported. Therefore, if you have lost a family member in the past and there was no satisfying conclusion to what happened, contacting an attorney is important because such cases do have a statute of limitations on when a lawsuit can be filed.

Please contact the Houston motor cycle accident attorney James Lassiter and bring all the information you have on hand to determine if you have a case. The consultation is free and it may be your best opportunity to recover from this kind of devastating loss.



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