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December 3, 2019

The Most Frequently Occurring Catastrophic Injuries

The term catastrophic injury is used to describe an injury that may happen during a catastrophe and the consequences of that injury usually place a long-term effect on the person suffering the injury. So, it can be said both the cause of the injury and its effects are catastrophic.

The American Medical Association says that severe injuries to the spine, spinal cord, and brain are catastrophic – and they are the most common. But there are other injuries that happen to other parts of the body that can be equally catastrophic to the person injured such as severe burns and accidents that cause the amputation of a limb. One of the results of such an injury will be the inability of the person to return to their job and they may even need help with the activities of daily living for a long time or the rest of their life.

The Role of Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents play a big role in the number of devastating injuries that can change a person’s life forever.  Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are at many times the result of someone being involved in an auto accident. Severe injuries to the spinal cord are especially catastrophic as they can prevent the person from ever walking again and in some cases costs them the use of their arms too

A malfunctioning product or unsafe automobile can harm individuals. Products that can cause a fire are especially frightening as 81 percent of people who die in a fire do so in their own home. Burn injuries that can lead to amputation or even blindness all must be compensated for by the liable party. With the assistance of a catastrophic injury attorney in Houston, you and your loved ones can begin picking up the pieces and move on from the catastrophic injuries you or your loved ones have endured.

The Lassiter Law firm is an ally for people in the Houston Area that have suffered an injury that has changed their lives or that of a loved one forever.  Experienced in making plans for the injured party’s future needs is one of the many services they will provide during this trying time of your life.



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