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December 10, 2019

A Personal Injury Attorney Is an Expert in Tort Law

Negligence that can lead to an injury – physically or emotionally – should be compensated for and a personal injury attorney in Houston who is expert in tort law should be consulted when this injury occurs. Tort Law is in place to impose liability on those who cause harm by negligence to a person or persons who by this law are allowed to take legal action to be compensated for their injuries. This compensation is imposed to reduce the number of incidents in the future. Many automobile accidents come to litigation due to the negligence of one of the drivers.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Actions Other than Negligence

The personal injury lawyer will bring action against those responsible for injuries to their clients even if negligence is not the primary factor in the case. There are two other areas of tort law that can be considered in a personal injury case.

Strict Liability:

This type of liability claim many times concerns a product that has been poorly manufactured and caused an injury when used as it was intended. A personal injury attorney is not charged with the need to prove negligence in this type of case.

Intentional Wrongs:

An injury caused by an intentional act may also be a basis for a personal injury action. In a case such as assault and battery, there will be criminal charges, but the resulting injuries may be compensable in a civil suit. As with negligence and strict liability, this type of claim should be discussed with the experts in tort law once you have been injured.

In Houston, the Lassiter Law Firm  has proven negligence, strict liability, and wrongful injury due to intentional acts for their clients and will do the same for you. If an injury due to a car accident, inferior product, or a landlord’s or store owner’s negligence has led to an injury to you or a family member;  contact the tort Law expert in Houston today.



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