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June 16, 2021

How Burn Injury Cases Work in Texas

Of all the types of injuries that occur, severe burn injuries are perhaps some of the most life-changing. Burn injuries can be life-threatening, and if the victim survives, they may take a lifetime to treat and heal. Treatment may require extensive surgical grafting over areas that are badly scarred, and burns may become infected, causing sepsis or other major complications. A person who is severely burned may never again be able to enjoy the confidence in his or her appearance that he/she once had, and may also suffer from damage to nerves and muscles in the burned area as well as prolonged and extensive pain. If you or a loved one have sustained burn injuries in an accident, it is essential to contact an experienced Houston burn injury lawyer as soon as possible.

What is needed to Get Compensation

In order to win a compensation settlement that truly meets the needs of a person who has suffered burns in an accident, the burn injury lawyer and his/her team need to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to find certain kinds of evidence. This evidence must clearly show the extent of the burns, the amount of treatment required, the cost of the treatment, and the ways in which the injury has changed the life of the victim. Photographs of the burns as well as videos of the treatment as well as testimony from witnesses to the injury or accident can all be used to this end. Copies of medical bills and records will also help to establish the fact that much compensation is needed for this type of victim.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Many types of workplace accidents may be the cause of a burn injury. Those who work with heavy equipment or machinery or in metal treatment areas may be near corrosive chemicals or other materials that can cause burns. While workers’ compensation may cover a lot of the costs of treatment, civil lawsuits may also sometimes be filed in cases of third-party negligence. Car accidents and electrical burns are also sources of burn injuries, as are some types of defective products. A skilled burn injury lawyer will work to discover all sources of negligence that may lead to compensation for the injured party.

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