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Overcoming Blame-Shifting in a Wrongful Death Case Caused by an Intoxicated Driver: A Case Study of a $4,500,000.00 Settlement

Introduction: This case study describes the representation of the heirs and estate of a 25-year-old motorcyclist who was killed by an intoxicated driver on a freeway outside Houston. Despite attempts by the defendant and their attorneys to shift blame onto the victim and avoid responsibility for the wrongful death, the Lassiter Law team was able to secure a $4,500,000.00 settlement for the grieving family.

Background: The defendant repeatedly attempted to blame the victim for the accident, claiming that the motorcycle was not properly maintained and that it could not be seen in time to avoid hitting it. The defendant’s attorneys attacked the decedent in virtually every way imaginable while refusing to accept any responsibility for their client’s conduct.

Legal Strategy: The plaintiff’s legal team conducted countless depositions, reconstructed the fatal crash, and analyzed the evidence with the help of a team of retained experts. They were able to demonstrate that the multiple excuses offered by the defendant failed on every front, and that the defendant’s abhorrent decisions were the actual cause of the victim’s wrongful death.

Outcome: Through two mediations, the plaintiff’s legal team secured a $4,500,000.00 settlement for the heirs and estate of the victim. While no amount of money can adequately compensate for the loss of a loved one, the firm’s determination to hold the wrongdoer accountable provided some measure of assistance to a grieving family.

Conclusion: The case study highlights the challenges of overcoming blame-shifting in wrongful death cases, particularly when the defendant and their attorneys attempt to blame the victim for the accident. In this case, the Lassiter Law team were able to demonstrate the defendant’s responsibility for the wrongful death and secure a $4,500,000.00 settlement for the victim’s heirs and estate.



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