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July 23, 2019

Johnson Baby Powder Litigation in Houston, Texas

Large corporations that manufacture popular products like to make a profit, and sometimes, are not honest about what’s in them. Baby powder may seem like a very harmless thing to purchase and use, but a lot of evidence points to Johnson & Johnson’s knowledge that their baby powder contained asbestos, a potent toxin and carcinogen, or cancer-causing substance. Many women who used the talc later developed ovarian cancer. If you’re one of these women, Lassiter Law of Houston, Texas is here to help you.

What Injuries Have Occurred Because of Talc Baby Powder from Johnson & Johnson?

There have already been several lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for cancer-related injuries caused by the use of their talc baby powder. Even as long ago as 1971, one British study showed that 75% of the ovarian and cervical tumors removed from 13 different women had particles of talc in them. Another 2018 study showed that there was a “consistent association between perineal talc use and ovarian cancer.” Lassiter Law of Houston, Texas understands how devastating ovarian cancer can be and stands ready to fight for your rights.

What Type of Compensation Can I Expect for These Types of Repercussions?

If you’ve developed cancer as a result of using Johnson & Johnson talc powder on your genital area, you can sue for medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, or even funeral costs if this involves a loved one who has passed away. Many plaintiffs in talc powder lawsuits have already won compensation for these injuries. Lassiter Law of Houston, Texas has over twenty years of experience working with similar personal injury cases and stands ready to assist you today.

What Should I Have Prepared for an Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston?

We are dedicated to advocating for you during this challenging time. As such, an initial consultation with an attorney at Lassiter Law of Houston, Texas is free. Come prepared with all documentation of your illness, all medical records and expenses, a timeline of what has occurred and how long you used the talc and a summary of lost wages. We’ll evaluate your case and take action on your behalf. Call us at (713) 489-1580 and let us guide you through this legal journey.



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