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Truck Accidents

Why are collisions with 18 wheelers very dangerous?

When passenger cars and 18 wheelers crash, it can lead to serious injuries due to the size of the truck and  the passenger car. Our Houston 18-wheeler accident attorney has years of experience representing injured victims in these accidents. With 18-wheeler accidents, serious head injuries, burns, broken bones, brain and […]

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What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

Everyone knows that an accident with a big commercial truck usually causes a lot of injury and damage. Because of their great size and weight, these trucks are not able to stop quickly if a car or other vehicle should dart out in front of them. In a collision between […]

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What a Houston 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Do for You

When passenger cars and 18-wheelers crash, there are significant injuries and damages. An18-wheeler accident can result in vision loss, head injuries, burns, broken bones, brain and spinal cord injuries, and even wrongful death. At Lassiter Law, our experienced 18-wheeler accident attorneys are committed to ensuring you get a fair settlement. […]

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